Hardware Test

USB Serial Dongle

USB-to-Serial Ports Tested to work with Moto X

1. StarTech.com ICUSB2321F ( FTDI RS232)

2. StarTech.com ICUSB422 ( FTDI RS422/485 w/No Echo)

3. Sabrent, SBT-USC1K (Prolific RS232)

4. SiLab USB Serial Port


1. Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 4 5 7 10 Galaxy Nexus & Samsung Galaxy S 3 III 4 IV 5 V

USB Ethernet

USB-to-RJ45 Ethernet (For Modbus TCP)

1. BobjGear (BJGRTTUSBEA20)

USB Serial Port Compatibility

Your device must meet all of the THREE requirements Serial communication to be supported by Modbus Monitor Advanced.

1. Your device must be Android version 3.2 or newer

2. Your device must support USB Host or OTG interface

3. Your USB-to-Serial Port dongle must contain one of following chipsets:

(a) FTDI: FT230X, FT231X, FT234XD, FT232R, or FT232H

(b) Prolific Chipset: PL2303HXD, PL2303EA, or PL2303RA controller chip (PL2303HXA and PL2303XA are not supported)

(c) SiLab USB Serial Dongle: Chiset CP210x

RS485: Tested with “no echo” setting turned ON.

Bluetooth (Supported starting from Modbus Monitor Advanced v4.0.0)

Following devices were used to test the Bluetooth feature

1. Android 2.3.3 Phone, Android 4.1.1 Mini-computer, Android 4.2.2 Phone

2. SIIG, RS-232 to Bluetooth Converter (ID-SB0011-S1)

2. Broadcom 20702 Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter (Windows 7)

3. Kensington 33348 Bluetooth Adapter (Windows 7, XP)

4. Windows 7 support with WIDCOMM / Broadcom driver 6.5.1