The Modbus Monitor Advanced app have Import and Export features to enhance data transport in various medium. The Import and Export data is supported via Email and Android Memory. In both cases the file format is in CSV format.


The Import feature is supported via two mediums. Select Import from the Settings Menu to import the data file (CSV File) located in the External Memory (i.e. SD Card). The Modbus Monitor Advanced displays selection window with names of files in CSV extension. Normally, this folder is automatically created upon executing the “Export and Email” feature.

The second way to import the file is via Email. Simply select the Modbus Monitor Advanced to open the Email attachment. The Modbus Monitor Advanced App is started and “Import via Email” feature is activated. Than the file is processed for any errors. If the error is encountered, the line number where error is displayed is shown. If there are no errors, than two options are given (“Add” and “Replaced”). The “Add” option add the content of the import file to exiting Monitor Point List. The “Replace” option clears the list before adding the content of the import file. The “Replace” option can used in “load workspace or project” concept. In other words, user can new project or workspace by loading (importing) the Modbus Monitor Point CSV file and choosing the “Replace” option.

Export and Email

When the Export and Email option is chosen from the Menu, the Modbus Monitor Points file is attached to the Email and sent to anyone. The exported file can be edited with many spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

CSV Fields

The CSV field decoder spreadsheet is shown below with example settings. Again, many of these fields can be edited by spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel to save data entry time.