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Licensing Modbus Monitor XPF Download a portable 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Modbus Monitor XPF Application. The Portable version of the app is ready


Hello! My USB Serial Port is not working, what should I do? First you need to be sure that your equipment meets the requirement listed


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Error Codes

Error#3 Connection or Communication Transaction Create Error Error#4 Connection or Communication Transaction Create Error Error#5 Receive Frame Data Decode Error Error#7 Modbus Transaction Execute Error


Hardware Test USB Serial Dongle USB-to-Serial Ports Tested to work with Moto X 1. ICUSB2321F ( FTDI RS232) 2. ICUSB422 ( FTDI RS422/485

Google Sheets

Log Data in Google Sheets There are two methods to log data into cloud using Modbus Monitor Advanced version. Both methods uses the Google Sheets

Import Export

The Modbus Monitor Advanced app have Import and Export features to enhance data transport in various medium. The Import and Export data is supported via


Settings The Modbus Monitor Advanced app have many settings. Each settings is explained below in the tables. Preferences or Communication Settings Links


Write Dialog Upon selection of “Write” option, the Write Dialog is shown. Depending on the Data Type settings two types of write dialog boxes are

Data Types

Data Types The Modbus Protocol packet doesn’t specify the data type communicated between Master and Slave device. It must known from the manufacturer of the