2021-03-24 v6.4.2
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2021-03-24 v6.4.2

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• Prompt rationale message to for using the Location for Bluetooth Scanning
• Use "Documents" folder for Import/Export
• 2021-03-20 (v6.4.0 Modbus Monitor Advanced)
• Moved to Simple Address (6 digit) as default Modbus Configuration
• Remove many Languages
• Added Bluetooth BLE interface
• Added Google Accounts (Google Sheets) to Menu and Settings
• Added Import from Modbus Monitor XPF program
• Added Modbus Console
• Better Connect/Reconnect on when remote Bluetooth reboots
• Cleanup Google Permissions
• Consolidated Interface to 3 (TCPIP, Serial, Bluetooth)
• Consolidated various Timeouts and Interval
• Converted Error codes to human readable texts
• Easy find Serial Port on Connect
• Improved GoogleSheets Login and Write Sample features
• Improved TCP Connections
• Improved USB Serial Communications and Ports Compatibilities
• Improved Import/Export
• Improved Serial Port user permissions
• IP Address now access host names for dynamic IP Address conversion
• Moved menu from old style to newer drawer with Hamburger button
• Removed Increment feature on server
• Server is shown by defaults
• Updated Icons and UI Improvements
• Updated UI to Materials and Hamburger menu